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Telescope Logic Game - Fun!
Telescope game!

You have to try this game! It is very clever, and requires you to be clever too. You have to think, and plan ahead, in order to do well.Take your time. The online version uses Flash, but you can download a
PC version, a Mac OS9 version, or a Mac OSX version. ABout 1 MB. How many levels can you do?

Nobel Prize for Kids

The Nobel prize has an interactive educational website with games and activities for kids. Bet you didn't know that. Check it out. From the Liquid Crystal game to the Electrocardiogram game to the Nuclear Weapon Disarmament Game, this is one fun set of games!

Bookworm Game

Addictive online word-building game.

Neuroscience for Kids

Yes, it is brain surgery! :-) Or for something more fun-and-gamey, try the Art of Crime Detection, which employs right vs. left brain approaches to problem solving.

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