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General Information

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Online Learning Opportunities

  • Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth, Distance Learning Center offers challenging math tutorials for students K-12. New enrollement starts each month.
  • Writing courses for grades 6-12 progress through 5 levels and include a preparation course for the AP English Language and Composition exam taken in high school.  Enrollment is offered in January, February, June, September and October.


    Stanford EPGY (Educational Program for Gifted Youth) provides distance learning for highly capable students from kindergarten to advanced high school students.  The math courses offer a complete mathematics curriculum at the elementary and middle school level.  Writing courses begin with grade four providing essay writing skills and introduction to literary analysis and progress through high school.  Enrollment for most courses begins on the first day of each month.

Resources for Parents of Gifted Children


Hoagie’s Gifted Education Page is a website with a variety of resources for parents including listings of additional online learning programs, book recommendations on topics relating to raising gifted children, and a variety of articles on subjects such as gender issues, educational theories, and children with special needs. 


Families of the Talented and Gifted (TAG) is a website devoted to gifted students.  It offers resources and interesting articles on a variety of topics.


The California Association for the Gifted sends members a wealth of information about summer schools opportunities nationwide as well as books for parents and other GATE information.

Uniquely gifted is a website hosted by Meredith Warshaw for families of "twice exceptional" children - gifted children who also have special learning challenges or diabilities.

The Davidson Institute for Talent Development serves profoundly gifted children and their families and educators. They have a rich online library called "GT-CyberSource." From the Institute's home page, follow the Parents or Educators link, then click on GT-CyberSource.


The National Association for Gifted Children also offers a parenting magazine for developing your child’s gifts and talents as well as other opportunities.


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