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Program Structure

The Dixie District’s GATE Program serves students in grades 4 through 8, and consists of two primary components. In the first component, students are served in the regular classroom. In the second component, students are served after school and/or on weekends by voluntary participation in activities called "Discovery Days."

Regular Classroom – In both the elementary and middle school grades, teachers have been trained to develop instructional practices that focus on differentiating the instruction to meet the needs of all students. In elementary school, GATE students remain in the regular classroom for differentiated instruction. In middle school, GATE students are clustered in their language arts/social studies block. Staff in-service training related to differentiating instruction is offered on an ongoing basis.

Discovery Days is a program providing introductory and/or extended instruction and enrichment experience in a variety of curriculum areas including math, science, technology, language arts, communications, visual and performing arts.

Each year a Discovery Days brochure is published which details courses, times, and dates. Most Discovery Days activities are offered after school or on weekends and are open for elementary and middle school GATE students.


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