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The Coalition For Adoption Registry Ethics, (C.A.R.E.), was created in response to the need for standardization of policies and procedures of online reunion registries. We have become increasingly concerned over the practices of some online reunion registries, such as selling information previously promised to be confidential, and the creation of new online reunion registries who claim to provide free search services or a free registry but are little more than sparsely worded invitations to send email to an unknown person.

Such situations are too easily a setup for exploitation of the online search community. It is the goal of C.A.R.E. to provide a way for the online searching adoption community to safely search for birth relatives online without being exploited for profit.

C.A.R.E. Board

L. Anne Babb, PhD
Advocate, activist, and author of "Ethics in American Adoption" and "Adopting and Advocating for the Special Needs Child", Mrs. Babb is the mother of 12 children, including 6 adopted with special needs, all either transracial or international. She is on the North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC)'s NAATRIN representative for Oklahoma, Executive Director of The Family Tree Adoption Advocacy Center and former President of the American Adoption Congress (AAC).

S. Cameron Byrd
Founder and former Administrative Director of the Adoption Registration Coalition (ARC) which administers the annual RegDay event.  RegDay publicizes the International Soundex Reunion Registry.  Founder of the newsgroup soc.adoption.adoptees. Reunited adoptee.

Karen Conn
Founder and Administrator of Missing Peace, a search service. Volunteer searcher for the now defunct Terminal Illness Emergency Search (TIES) Program. Reunited adoptee.

Shea Grimm
Founder and Author of An Adoptee's Right to Know.  Author of Shea's Search Series: the definitive guide to adoptee-empowered search.  Co-founder and former Legislative Chair, Bastard Nation.  Former Board member, Washington State Open '98 & '99. Reunited adoptee of Native American ancestry.

Mary Hunt-Peret
Former Program Director of the Terminal Illness Emergency Search program (TIES); Former Board Member, Washington State Open 98 & 99; Reunited adoptee.

Kevin McCarty
Webmaster of Adoption Information, Laws and Reforms, a pioneering adoption law and online FAQ site.  Administrator of the Adoption Webring, over 300 select adoption-related websites.  Helped establish the Volunteer Search Network (VSN); currently  Webmaster and board member of VSN.  Webmaster of the Oregon Open '98 Initiative.  Adoptive parent in semi-open adoption.

Damsel Plum
Co-founder and former Publications Chair of Bastard Nation.  Founder and ringmistress of the Adoption Ring.  Former Administrative Director and Outreach Director of the Adoption Registration Coalition (ARC) which administers the annual RegDay event. Reunited adoptee.

Brenda Romanchik
A nationally recognized speaker and writer on birthparent issues in open adoption, Ms. Romanchik is also the owner of R-Squared Press, a publishing company that specializes in providing resources for open adoption. R-Squared Press publishes books and manuals on open adoption issues, the newsletter "Open Adoption Birthparent", and co-sponsors a number of national conferences on open adoption. She is a birthmother in an open adoption. Her son, Matthew, is 13.

Marlena Villers

Former administrator of the West Virginia State Voluntary Mutual Consent Registry. Former AAC State Representative for West Virginia.  Searcher for Volunteer Search Network (VSN.)  Reunited adoptee.

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