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To be endorsed by C.A.R.E., an online reunion registry must meet the following criteria:

Agree to not charge for its services in any way. Registries who offer targeted advertising*, or are attached to or promote fee based services will not be accepted. Registries who ask for and/or accept donations must be an incorporated 501c3, and must explicitly reassure registrants on their website that the use of and services provided by the registry is in no way contingent on a donation. Registries shown to be in violation of this will no longer be endorsed by C.A.R.E.

Why does CARE require that a registry who asks for donations be 501c3?

* International Link Exchange and other randomly generated banner ads excluded.

Agree to promote the International Soundex Reunion Registry in one or more prominent places on the registry's website. One of these must be the registry's home page.
Acceptable methods of promoting ISRR are by placing the following statement on the registry website:

International Soundex Reunion Registry

The International Soundex Reunion Registry is the world's largest and most successful mutual consent reunion registry and is a free service. Get your free registration form by sending a Self- Addressed Stamped Envelope to:

P.O. Box 2312
Carson City, Nevada

You can reach them by phone at (702) 882-7755

And by optionally placing a link to the ISRR registration form at http://www.isrr.net/registration.shtml

Agree to provide an online searchable database* and/or agree to provide
matching data requests in a timely manner from an offline database.

* Guest books, forums, chat areas and bulletin boards are not considered searchable databases. Web site or home page is dedicated solely to the registry, not part of a personal home page

Agree to uphold the confidentiality of their database, current or defunct,
by never selling, trading or giving away the information contained in their

Agree to notify C.A.R.E. prior to shutting down the registry.

Agree to not knowingly allow anyone to solicit for business using the registry database, including investigators and intermediaries.

Agree to not release registrant information to any third party not related to the registrant without the express, written consent of the individual who posted the information.

Agree to have contact information for questions/complaints/help, and such inquiries must be responded to in a timely manner.  A "timely manner" is understood to mean not more than two weeks.

Agree to provide a means for a registrant to remove all their information from the database for any (or no) reason. Must explain clearly their authentication procedures for accepting updates or removals..

Agree to explain on the website how inquiries are handled in the case of a possible match. (E.g., are people who search the database and find a potential match required to register too in order to pursue the lead, or is the inquiry simply passed along to the potential match?)

Agree to publicly profess membership in C.A.R.E. and adherence to the ethical standards promoted by C.A.R.E., with a backlink to the C.A.R.E. web site where all the requirements, policies and other educational material will be housed.

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