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The International Soundex Reunion Registry is the world's largest and most successful mutual consent reunion registry and is a free service. Get your free registration form by sending a Self- Addressed Stamped Envelope to:

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You can reach them by phone at (702) 882-7755

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Re. ISRR Rumors - 6/15/98

From S. Cameron Byrd, C.A.R.E. Board Member, Founder and Former Administrative Director of the Adoption Registration Coalition

Greetings members of the on-line adoption community.  Quite recently, there was a rumor circulating amongst a hopefully small circle of folks on the Internet that Tony Vilardi, founder executive director of the International Soundex Reunion Registry, was planning to retire and close the registry down.  Many of you know that the ISRR is the world's largest and most successful non-profit reunion registry, and so the impact of this information is devastating to the adoption community world-wide.

I have personally spoken to Mr. Vilardi by telephone this morning (6/15/98).  He is appalled that anyone would start such a rumor, and assures me that there is no truth to it whatsoever. Tony asked that I dispel these rumors with some facts about Tony and the ISRR: The ISRR is an International organization with a board of trustees.  The board of trustees (22 men and women in the medical and social service community) will decide if and when ISRR would ever close, not Tony. Tony Vilardi is a volunteer (as everyone associated with ISRR is) who is already retired from professional employment. Tony's primary income is a pension plan from his previous employer.  While Tony could at some point choose to stop volunteering for the ISRR ,or the ISRR could choose to replace him with a new Executive Director, neither of these events is forthcoming in the foreseeable future.  His volunteer work with ISRR *is* Tony's retirement, and he plans to continue as long as ISRR needs him and as long as he's physically able to do the job.

Tony is hurt and angered that anyone would want to misrepresent the facts about him or the ISRR in this way.  Misinformation like this could deter people from registering with the ISRR, which would mean that reunions won't happen.  Please be sure to let anyone you know in the on-line adoption community who may not have received this message that the rumors just aren't true.  Tony Vilardi is not leaving the ISRR, and the ISRR is not closing down. DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT - check with Tony yourself.  Anyone who ever has a question about the ISRR, Tony Vilardi, or the future of either should phone or write Tony directly.  He can be reached at (702) 882-7755, or at PO Box 2312, Carson City, NV  89702.  It's just TRTTD.

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