Monsters, Mermaids & Multimedia

Instructor: Alfia Wallace

Lesson One

  • Discussion of multimedia, software and file formats during lunch.
  • Presentation on mythology & mythological creatures.
  • Students work with a partner on their topic, but make separate projects.
  • Each partner group is given a choice of mythological creature(s) on which to create their project.
  • Create a folder on the desktop with the name of your project.
  • Research the origin, 2-3 main characteristics, and at least one story about your creature on one of the websites.
  • As you research, take notes in Word or TextEdit including the urls (web addresses).
  • Make a separate file of your sources for information. You will need at least 2 sources of non-graphic information for each creature. Web sources: list the website name and the url of all sources used. Print sources: list the name, author, publisher and year of all print sources.
  • Be sure to give attribution for images and direct quotes, meaning note where you get your material.
  • Once your research is checked, you can open Kidpix and starting drawing your creatures.

Research Links

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