Plays are chosen by the cast members. They are then scripted and directed by Alfia Wallace. Costumes, props and sets are developed by the cast and parents.


The following were all performed on November 1, 2003 @ the Bats in the Belfry party

Cheese Police
an original comedy by Alfia Wallace and friends
Program * Script (San Rafael Cheese Police) * New! 2012: NYC Cheese Police

What Never Was Before and Never Will be Again
An Armenian fairytale by Hovhannes Tumanian
Adapted and scripted by Alfia Wallace

The Three Wasted Wishes
A Tragicomedy by Charles Perrault
Adapted and scripted by Alfia Wallace


Barmaley: A Russian Tale of Piracy, Cannibalism and Redemption
by Cornelius Chukovsky, translated and adapted by Alfia Wallace
Performed November 2, 2002 @ Pirates of the Pumpkin Patch party
Program * Script

Aesop's Fables
Performed March 17, 2002 @ Dixie Elementary Night of Stars Variety Show
Synopsis with links to scripts *


Select Siberian Folktales
Performed November 23, 2001 @ Wallace Late Harvest Social

Siberian Folktales

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