Synopsis of Aesop's Fables

Performed by the Siberian Tiger Theater 2002

Adapted and scripted by Alfia Wallace


Cast: Adam G., Kaveh K., Jennifer K., Alfred W., Andrew W., Nicholas W.

The Donkey and His Shadow - Read the script

A Traveler hired a donkey to convey him to a distant place. The day being intensely hot, and the sun shining in its strength, the Traveler stopped to rest, and sought shelter from the heat under the shadow of the donkey. As this afforded only protection for one, and as the Traveler and the owner of the donkey both claimed it, a violent dispute arose between them as to which of them had the right to the shadow. The owner maintained that he had let the donkey only, and not his shadow. The Traveler asserted that he had, with the hire of the donkey, hired his shadow also. The quarrel proceeded from words to blows, and while the men fought, the donkey galloped off.

In quarreling about the shadow we often lose the substance.

The Dog and the Oyster - Read the script

A Dog, used to eating eggs, saw an Oyster and, opening his mouth to its widest extent, swallowed it down with the utmost relish, supposing it to be an egg. Soon afterwards suffering great pain in his stomach, he said, "I deserve all this torment, for my folly in thinking that everything round must be an egg."

They who act without sufficient thought, will often fall into unsuspected danger.

The Crab and his Mother - Read the script

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