The Crab and his Mother

Performed by the Siberian Tiger Theater 2002

by Aesop, adapted and scripted by Alfia Wallace


Cast: Eva D.., Andrew W.

The Crab and his Mother

(A beach. Sun and waves. Maybe a sandcastle and some beach toys. An umbrella and towels? Little crab scuttles sideways, happily playing with the abandoned beach toys. Mamma crab scuttles sideways towards him and looks disapprovingly.)

Mamma Crab: Little Crab! Why are you walking sideways like that? It would look much better if you walked straight forward."

Little Crab: Yes, Mamma. You’re right. Please show how to walk the straight path and I will do it. I promise.

(Mamma Crab tries to walk forwards, but keeps going sideways instead. She ends up sommersaulting and toppling the beach umbrella.)

Mamma Crab: Oof! Oh no! Aaaaaah! What was I thinking?!

(Little Crab scuttles sideways to help his mom and they both scuttle sideways to face the audience.)

Mamma and Little Crab: If you do just what you teach, then you practice what you preach.

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