The Dog and the Oyster

Performed by the Siberian Tiger Theater 2002

by Aesop, adapted and scripted by Alfia Wallace


Cast: Adam G., Andrew W.

The Dog and the Oyster

Narrator: The Dog and the Oyster

(Dog woofs and runs around playing with and pretending to eat eggs.)

Narrator: Once upon a time there was a dog who loved to eat eggs.

Dog: I love eggs! Yum!

Narrator: One day he saw an oyster, which is a slimy animal that lives in a round shell, and, thinking it was an egg, he gobbled it up.

(Dog finds shell and gobbles it up, rubbing his tummy.)

Dog: I love eggs!

Narrator: Soon afterward the dog got a terrible stomach ache.

Dog: (yowling and holding his tummy) Owwwiee!!! My tummy!!! Owieee!!

Narrator: Come on, Dog. Do you really think everything round is an egg? How about a golf ball? (takes out a golf ball.)

Dog: (whimpering, skulks away) No thank you. I made a mistake.

Narrator: If you act and donít think first, what may come may be the worst.

Narrator and Dog: Think before you act.

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