The Donkey and His Shadow

Performed by the Siberian Tiger Theater 2002

by Aesop, adapted and scripted by Alfia Wallace


Cast: Adam G., Kaveh K., Jennifer K., Alfred W., Andrew W., Nicholas W.

The Donkey and His Shadow

Nicholas: Welcome to the Siberian Tiger Theaterís presentation of Aesopís Fables.

Jennifer: Fables are short stories, usually with animal characters, that teach an important lesson. The lesson comes at the end of the story and is called
the moral of the story.

Alfred: Aesop was Greek and lived over 2,500 years ago in Greece and Turkey. He was born a slave but was granted his freedom as a reward for his learning and his sense of humor.

Nicholas: In his desire to learn and teach, he traveled through many countries of ancient Greece and Turkey.

(Jennifer, Nicholas and Alfred go to their places. Adam comes stage center.)

Adam: We hope you enjoy this small sample of his works. The Horse and Her Shadow (goes and picks up Athens sign)

(Owner stands with his horse in a Greek bazaar. Traveler comes along with blankes in hand. )

Owner: (yelling) Horse for rent! High quality, good prices! Come and rent your horse!"

Traveler: How much to rent your horse for a journey to Athens?

Owner: 30 drachmas.

Horse: (smiling and good-natured) "Naaaaaaaaaay!"

Traveler: Here are 30 drachmas. Letís go!

(They shake hands and the Owner saddles the Travelerís blankets onto the horse. They walk across the stage to Adam who puts down his Athens sign and picks up the Sun. Adam goes to center stage. The horse whinnies. Alfred and Nicholas wipe their brows with heat and exhaustion. )

Traveler: Boy, is it hot. How about we take a rest here and continue when it cools down a bit.

Owner: That sounds good.

(Owner takes the blankets off the horse and gives the horse something to eat and drink. As he does this, the Traveler, rests in the shadow of the horse and takes out something to drink for himself. He stretches and sighs.)

Owner: (wiping the sweat from his brow) Hey, let me get a turn in the shade, wonít you?

Traveler: Hey, I rented the horse, itís my shade.

Owner: Iím sorry, Sir, but I rented you the horse, not the horse ís shade. (Owner lifts Traveler up by the hand and nudges him out of the shade. They struggle back and forth.)

Traveler: Are you crazy? Of course the rental includes the horseís shadow! Now get out of my way!

Owner: And I suppose you think the rental includes the horseís milk? It doesnít! En guard!

(As they go through their sword fight, the horse looks at them like they are nuts and tries not to get poked with swords. They fight and she runs off. Then she claps twice in front of the fighters and they freeze. Adam puts down the sun and prepares to line up for bow.)

Horse: Fight about the shadow and you just might lose the substance.

(All line up for bow)

All: Remember whatís most important.

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