About Us

The Siberian Tiger Children's Theater was founded in the summer of 2001 after a trip to Fort Ross, a national park featuring a preserved 19th Russian fort. An enchanting afternoon was spent exploring the fort, learning about Russian culture and colonialism, and later enjoying the lovely coast. Before we left we went to the bookstore and bought Alfred a thick dual language book called "Folktales of Siberia" which he wanted to read every night. One night he got the idea that it would be fun to act out some of the stories and so he chose four and his mom scripted them. Alfred got some friends together, they learned their lines and rehearsed and they performed "Select Siberian Folktales" at the 2001 Wallace Halloween Party.

The next inspiration came from Aesop's Fables. Four fables were chosen, scripted by Mrs. Wallace, and rehearsals were underway. The fables were performed at a Wallace dinner party and at Dixie Elementary's "Night of Stars" variety show in March of 2002.

The Wallace boys long admired Russian folktales and children's poetry, especially that of Cornelius Chukovsky and Samuel Marshak, which their mother would translate for them. One of their favorites was Chukovsky's story Barmalyey about two children who run off to Africa and end up with more than they bargained for. Mrs. Wallace translated, adapted and scripted the play and rehearsals began. Barmaley was performed at the Pirates of the Pumpkin Patch party in the newly refurbished Wallace backroom theater.

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