Reunion Registries

International Soundex Reunion Registry The largest, oldest, and best registry available, and it's free!! Donations of money, stamps, etc, are greatly appreciated, however. At this time you cannot register online.

A large number of other registries exist online. Some are for-profit, others are free. When asked to pay a fee for a registry, please remember that the most successful registry in the world, ISRR, is free. Only free registries, endorsed by the watchdog group C.A.R.E (Coalition for Adoption Registry Ethics) are listed below. If you visit any of these sites and find that they are charging a fee or are no longer bearing the C.A.R.E endorsement, please inform me so that I may remove the link.

Reunions Online

Finding In Florida

Ellen's Colorado Mutual Consent Registry

Lynch's Adoption Reunion Registry

Lost n Found Adoption Registry

Adoption Triad Outreach Free International Adoption Reunion Registry

Family Ties Adoption Search Database

Arizona Adoption Reunion Registry

Angry Grandma's Adoptees & Family Registry

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