E-Mailing Lists and Newsgroups

A-parents China A mailing list of more that 1000 subscribers constantly share information about paperwork, applications, dossiers,adoption agencies, and travels in China

A-parent Vietnam

Adoption Interest Mailing List Open to all triad members and interested parties

BEST Bastard's Email Special Training list, for Bastard Nation members. Reform-oriented, but offers lively discussion on a variety of adoption-related topics

Birthmoms Open Adoption List

Single-aparents A mailing list for single adoptive parents

XCulture Adopt Mailing List a mailing list designed to facilitate discussion and to provide support for families created by cross cultural adoption.


alt.adoption An unmoderated, spirited discussion group by all triadians. Topics are all over the map. Highest-traffic of the adoption newsgroups

soc.adoption.adoptees Moderated newsgroup by and for adoptees

alt.adoption.agency Unmoderated, low-traffic newsgroup for discussion primarily from a prospective-adoptive parent perspective

soc.adoption.parenting Unmoderated group for discussing all aspects of adoptive parenting

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