Adoption Law Library

Adoption codes and statutes Full-text where available, domestic and international, indexed by country

Kevin McCarty's Adoption Information, Laws, and Reform for texts on adoption-related subjects such as Baby Richard, the Uniform Adoption Act, and the archive of FAQ's for alt.adoption

Adoption in Quebec: The right to know Excellent analysis of sealed records from a civil liberties perspective. Also new developments in Quebecois adoption law.

Adoption Policy Resource Center Definitely not a comprehensive site, but some unique case law and information resources geared towards adoptive parents and adoption professionals

Adoptive parents favor opening adoption recordsA Cornell study

Arvin Publications Adoption and foster care publications

Best Interest of the Child: Is that what you really want? Family Law article by Richard Crouch, Esq.

Counsel Quest a premier internet legal research web tool

Indian Child Welfare Act: The need for a separate law. Article by B.J Jones, author and attorney.

Ontario Adoption Issues Voter's guide and more.

Special Report: Under Siege. The Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978.

U.S Adoption Law Materials From the Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School

United State Relinquishments A site offering examples of relinquishment papers from different states and eras. Very informative!

Wrongful Adoption by Richard Alexander, Esq. about Forter v. San Mateo County,the first known successful adoption fraud case in the U.S

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