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Adoptees Internet Library List of links by category. Includes international and transracial adoption, happy and abused adoptees, happy and unhappy reconnections, late-discovery adoptees and lots of direct search links.

Adoptees Resources Homepage Jeff Hartung's site, no longer actively maintained, some outdated information

Adoption Information, Laws, and Reforms from Kevin McCarty

Adoption Triad Outreach Standing One's Page

Adoptive parents favor opening adoption records A Cornell study

Bastard Nation Visit first, ask questions later

Becky West's Adoption Page

Big Dummy's Guide to Adoption Acronyms -Created by Doug Henderson for the Acronym-impaired

Bill Betzen's Domestic Infant Adoption

Kkay's Adoption Corner Stories, resources, genealogy and more.

National Adoption Information Clearinghouse NAIC maintains an adoption literature database, a database of adoption experts, listings of adoption agencies, crisis pregnancy centers, and other adoption-related services, and excerpts of State and Federal laws on adoption

Tina's Adoption Pages

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