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updated 8/24/07


The Adoption Ring is a public service ring dedicated to the best interests of adoption triad members. It is a group of over 400 pages designed to allow web surfers to navigate to pages of other not-for-profit adoption sites just by clicking the "Back and "Next" buttons found on each page.

The American Adoption Congress advocates for humanity in adoption.


Adoption Nation: Read It!* Faces of Adoption: America's Waiting Children - Information on how to adopt in the U.S. Photolisting of children in need of permanent, loving homes in the U.S.
* International Adoption Links: Informative links for those considering/involved in international adoption from the Association for Research in International Adoption.
- For those adopting from China - see Parenting Chinese to learn the basics. Includes audio files.
* Adoption Agency Guide: This is one of the most important online resources which help to ensure that you don't get screwed by unethical adoption "professionals" in the adoption process.
* North American Council on Adoptable Children:
Information on adopting and getting support.
* Adoptive Families of America: award-winning national magazine & how to adopt resource. Full of advertisements, but with some excellent articles and resources.
PACT: Transracial adoption resources for those who seek to adopt transracially and who have "rainbow families."
* La Leche League's Adoptive Breastfeeding page tells adoptive and prospective adoptive parents about the benefits and how-tos of adoptive breastfeeding.


* Bastard Nation is an organization dedicated to the civil rights of adult adoptees and the full spectrum of the adoptee experience. Adoptees who wish to search for birthparents should visit the BN Search page.

* I.S.S.R.: International Soundex Reunion Registry. Adoptive parents, adopted adults and birthfamily members can freely register for the largest free international mutual consent reunion registry.

Adult adoptees are neither children nor criminals. We should have the same rights as all other adults under the law. Get with the adoptee rights movement and help end state-sanctioned shame in adoption.


* Sunflower Birthmoms is an excellent resource and email list for birthmothers.
* Birthfather Resources: Stories by birthfathers, birthfathers-only email list
Concerned United Birthparents (CUB) is an organization focusing on the needs of birthparents, particularly those who regret making an adoption choice.


* National Adoption Information Clearinghouse: Information for adoption professionals, adoptive and prospective adoptive parents, adult adoptees and birthparents. List of adoption events and laws.
* Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute: Research and adoption news of interest to professionals, adoptive parents, and adult adoptees.

Hope this helps!

- Damsel

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