[Image:Russian bomber]
(To be sung to the tune of the funeral march.)

The TOO-104 is the best airplane around,
It takes 100 passengers and flies above the ground. Grandma took a flight - How nice!
She ended up in Paradise.
The TOO-104 is the best airplane around.

The silvery jetliner "Right"
Broke apart while in mid-flight.
This company has a real knack
For putting out such awful crap.

We've caught up with America
In milk output - no joke!
But in meat output we lag behind,
Because the bull's dick broke.

Red cow of the collective farm, we all admire
How you give us milk and lots of fertilizer.
Instead of being fed, you were sent to school for Marxists,
Labor leaders are still awaiting cream because of this.
The whole collective farm is very, very proud of you,
Oh horned one, you're our very own main attraction true.
For in response to Lenin's own appeal throughout the land,
You heaped a load of fertilizer on the socialist plan.

Soviet symbols]

A sickle left, a hammer right,
This is our own Soviet sign.
You want to forge, you want to reap,
All the same, you won't get beans.

Translated by A. Wallace, 1985-92

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