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The following collection of language learning links was selected according to the following criteria: the lessons are free, of pedagogical merit, and minimally commercial (no popups or browser-takeovers). Links open a new browser window. The links have been updated as of May 23, 2006

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Breton is a member of the Brythonic branch of Celtic and is indigenous to Brittany in northwest France. For a description see Wikipedia's Breton Language entry.

  1. The Breton Language: A site with Breton lessons, language history and resources for learning Breton.


Cornish is a member of the Brythonic branch of Celtic and is indigenous to Cornwall in Great Britain. For a description see Wikipedia's Cornish entry.
  1. Cornish Language Fellowhsip has lots of materials devoted to Cornish language revival. includes and online dictionary and phasebook. Language learning Cds are available for purcashe from their site.
  2. Cornish language correspondence course. By email or post!


For a description see Wikipedia's Goidelic languages entry.

  1. Scottish Gaelic Course Online: 25 lessons of Scottish Gaelic, complete with audio files, dictionary, phrase book and songs. Flash and html sites. from the BBC.
  2. Online Gaelic Lessons include links to ten pages of Gaelic lessons, sounds, an online Gaelic-English dictionary, and other Scots and Irish Gaelic sites.
  3. Gaelic Languages gives sound and written examples of Irish, Scots and Manx Gaelic
  4. Gaelic Email Lists for Gaelic language learners

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  1. Erin's Web Learn Irish Lessons. The best online course in written Irish. This course has 128 lessons and explains in excellent detail the fine points of Irish that beginners need to understand to develop a good grasp of the language. Limited audio files. See sites below for more audio files.
  2. Irish Lessons with audio files. Eight Irish lessons covering grammar basics. Audio files have too many examples in them, but represent native speech.
  3. Irish Greetings, Curses, Terms of Endearment, Proverbs with native audio files.
  4. BBC Learn Irish site

Manx:Flag of Wales

Manx is a Goidelic language indigenous to the Isle of Man in Great Britain. For a description see Wikipedia's Manx entry.

  1. Manx Society's Manx Lessons (26 lessons) with vocabulary, from 1934. Also available as a .pdf file from a link on the page.
  2. Manx Lessons A collection of lessons of various levels.
  3. Manx Pages: Everything Manx! Articles on the language, its revival, grammars, house names and more. Amanxing!
  4. Manx dictionary and pronunciation guide: Manx-English * English-Manx


Welsh is a member of the Brythonic branch of Celtic and is indigenous to Wales. For a description see Wikipedia's Welsh entry.
  1. Welsh Lessons provide comprehensive online Welsh lessons with an online glossary and links to other sites for Welsh learners. A Megellan 3 star site.
  2. BBC Learn Welsh site
  3. Colin in Cumberland - A Flash interactive beginning course in Welsh, which gives you a choice of North and South Welsh! From the BBC. It takes some practice and you definitely have to read the instructions, but once you get it, it's very fun and educational.
  4. Snapdragon has interactive language-learning activities for young and beginning Welsh-learners. from the BBC. Very simple.

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