Land of the Pharoahs

Egypt Day - April 13, 2003

Members of Pack 28 spent 3 hours together learning about Egypt, past and present. Special thanks to parent leaders Gina Schilling, Art Wallace and Yvonne Stoffer who made this event possible. - Cubmaster Alfia Wallace

We covered:

Ancient Egypt: Geography (location in Africa, importance of the Nile's annual flood, important cities of Memphis and Luxor), History (dates of dynasties, place of monarchy and slavery), Architecture (pyramids, obelisks, the Sphinx), Religion (polytheism, names of some gods, mummification), Writing system (hieroglyphics, the cartouche, demotic, the Rosetta Stone)

Modern Egypt: Geography (location on map, Cairo as capital, Aswan Dam), Religion (Islam, Coptic Christianity), Language (Arabic, writing)

Arrival Activities:

· Name tags with names of ancient Egyptian pharoahs and queens
· Every kid gets pad and pencil for notes
· Paint the Papyrus (paint, newspaper, water)
· Mummify beanie babies with strips of old white towels. Mummy box project.

Egypt Day


Webelos Leader Art Wallace and scouts from Pack 28 learn about ancient and modern Egypt.

Cat MummyA perfectly mummified cat!

Main Activities:
Egypt: Facts Past and Present (scouts take notes)
· Build a pyramid (cardboard, marker - decorated with traditional ancient Egyptian motifs)
· Write your name in hieroglyphics
· Write your name in Arabic
· Mini-play about the Pyramid Builder

Lunch - Mummy dogs

Mummify your friend contest
· Mummy may I? (can only move forward if statement about Egypt is True)
· The Pharoah Says (like Simon Says)

Egypt Day
Mummified dog and tomb.
Egypt Day
Egypt Day
Mom watches her scout work on his tomb design.

Ancient Egyptian Gods:
Links: Pictures of gods; Detailed info. on the gods

Anubis - Jackal god of the dead
Aten -Sun god
Bast - Cat goddess
Chons - Moon god
Geb - God of the Earth
Hathor - Cow goddess
Isis - Mother goddess
Ka - Egyptian name for the vital force of life
Maat - Goddess of truth and justice
Nut : Goddess of the sky and of the heavens
Osiris - God of the underworld and of vegetation (green skin)
Qetesh - Goddess of love and beauty
Ra - Egyptian sun god
Selket - Scorpion goddess, helper of women in childbirth
Set - God of chaos
Sobek - Crocodile god
Taweret - Hippopotamus goddess and protective deity of childbirth
Thoth - Egyptian moon god
Wepwawet - God of war and of the funerary culter

Map of modern Egypt

Egypt Links for Kids:

Draw Like an Egyptian: Learn about Egyptian art and try your hand at doing a portrait of a friend or family member, ancient-Egyptian style!

Ancient Egypt Coloring Book: Print and color pages

Ancient Egypt Kid Connection: Lots of great links including the mummy quiz and webquests!

Egyptian Museum in Cairo (official site is down)

British Museum's Egypt for Children site


Books and Crafts about Egypt for Children

Hieroglyphics for Kids!

Three Egyptian Punch-out Mummy Cases

Egyptian Tales and Legends: Ancient, Christian, Muslim

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