May they Flourish and not Perish!

Where will I go?

How You Can Help:

Speak out for Ostrogoth Repatriation:
Go forth into your neighborhood and herald loudly the need for a homeland in lusty song and spritely dance. Try to rid your speech of all words from Latin, Greek and Bulgarian.

Plant tons of Daffodils, Alyssum, Pumpkins & Turnips:
Go forth and plant the folkish flowers of the Ostrogoth kind. Each plant goes with a season and tells of the happy times therein. Your plantings will bring good bodings unto our folk.

Learn to play the Recorder:
By playing the recorder or any other flutish pipes you bring bright bodings and banish Bulgarian bogies. Pipe on!

Ponder the Planets:
Every day of the week is named for a god who rules a planet. Sing songs and offer food to the gods on their weekdays. Try to fly to different planets, or at least to different neighborhoods. This will bring you a life maybe, you Latinizing Ostrogoth-crusher!

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Hey, this is a joke, you doofus.
But seriously, try this.