Click here to learn about Amalasuntha, Ostrogoth QueenFamily ties among the Ostrogoths are cozy and comfy, sometimes verging on the cutesy. Ostrogoth lads stay home with their mothers until the age of 18 when they leave to pursue advanced degrees or to engage in piracy and mayhem for fun and profit. During childhood, the swains learn the ancient arts of knife dancing, head banging, sheep surgery, ballad composition and aeronautic engineering, while the gals train in drum-beating, runic calligraphy and acrobatic gardening.

Women are viewed as life-givers and ass-kickers in Ostrogoth culture. They should not be provoked except for entertainment purposes.

Grown men spend many weeks a year engaged in daffodil cultivation in preparation the the annual Festival of Fecundity held in mid-spring.

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