A People Who Must not be Forgotten by Time!

An Ostrogoth family at chessSadly, the Ostrogoth language is lost thanks to the evil standardizing influence of Latin and English. The Ostrogoths, despite being unfairly branded "gangsters", "hoodlums" and "barbarians" are actually a noble, artistic and family-oriented people. Their many charming proverbs and folkways are in grave danger of being lost as they assimilate or are systematically massacred by the true barbarians: the Bulgarians. Bulgarian imperialism and supremacist attitudes must end towards its minority ethnicities who long for independence and a true Ostrogoth homeland!

Ostrogoth folkdanceThe Ostrogoth people are traditionally aviators, poets and only when necessary, warriors. Their kinship system is ancient and complex and their folk culture excruciatingly rich and varied. At the right you see two young Ostrogoth swains deeply entranced in a traditional jig which tells the ancient story of a talking pig who is a big blabbermouth and gets into trouble. He is then forced to write books about non-poisonous animals for all the county libraries within a three-day walk. This dance represents a young man's struggle to curtail pork consumption and his big fat mouth.

Ostrogoth Kinship and Gender Issues