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Dr. No Strikes Again
Last week Gov. John Kitzhaber made headlines when he announced his
opposition to Ballot Measure 64, a
proposed ban on clearcuts that he
said was too extreme and divisive. We asked the governor his stance on the other November measures. It turns out that Kitzhaber, who vetoed a record number of bills last session, is giving the thumbs down to all but two of the 11 ballot measures. With the possible exception of his opposition to measures 58 (which would give adoptees equal access to their birth certificates) and 66 (which would steer lottery money to parks), there are no real surprises. Here's how Kitzhaber will vote in November.

MEASURE 57: Stops 1997 legislation that would recriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana. No

MEASURE 58: Gives adopted people age 21 and over who were born in Oregon access to their original birth certificates without consent from either birth parent. No (Kitzhaber aide Bob Applegate says he's not sure why his boss opposes the measure but he may fear it will make women less willing to give up their children for adoption.)
--Patty Wentz


originally published September 2, 1998