Another Letter to News Media
In support of the Oregon
Adoptee Rights Initiative
Measure 58

Dear Editors:

In your front page story on Saturday, July 18th, "Three Initiatives make ballot with dollar duel", you describe Measure 58 as requiring that the original birth certificate be given to adopted children.

This measure affects only adopted adults. This is made abundantly clear SEVEN times in the ballot title, summary, proposed law and result of vote statements.

It is inexcusable for a statewide paper to make such a skewed and politically false and misleading statement when the facts are readily available.

Adult adoptees are tired of being thought of, defined, written about and controlled by state laws as if they were "children". This is not so much a "silly mistake" (as the writer of the article indicated to me earlier today) as a prevailing state of public consciousness towards the class of citizens known as "adoptees" that has resulted in a forty one year violation of our civil rights.

Report the facts of this political endeavor objectively and accurately, or do not mention Measure 58 at all.

Thank you,
Helen Hill,
Chief Petitioner Measure 58

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