Oregon Adoptee Rights Initiative - Measure 58
Our Birth Certificate: Our Right

Help Make It Happen!

For the first time in history, a ballot initiative to restore the right of adopted adults to access their original birth certificates is on a statewide ballot and will be put to a vote of the people this November. If passed, adopted adults born in Oregon will have the right to request and receive a certified copy of their OBC with no amendments, no restrictions and NO EXCEPTIONS. The passing of this initiative will put open records squarely on the map and will set a momentous precedent.

Winning Takes Money

We made it onto the ballot, now we need *your* help to ensure the initiative passes. We need advertising, neighborhood canvassing, lawn signs, bumper stickers, air time: all essential to remaining visible in the public eye. The constitutional rights aspect has proven to be crystal clear and deeply appreciated by the average citizen, and we need money to keep this message focused and intact. It is in our power to change history here, people. Please do your part and contribute!

You can print out the following form and send it with your contribution made out to Oregon Open '98. Contributions from Oregon residents are tax-deductible up to $100.

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Shipping: $2.50 s/h, or 10% on orders of $30 or more.

Mail to: Measure 58 Campaign, PO Box 353, Nehalem, Oregon, 97131

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