Date: January 3, 2000
Contact: Helen Hill, 503-368-5786


Adoption industry thwarts will of people, cost billed to Oregon taxpayer

At 12 noon on January 5, adoptees from across Oregon will protest the latest injunction delaying Measure 58, the Adoptee Rights Initiative, at 888 SW 5th Street in Portland Oregon. The protest will be outside the offices of Franklin Hunsaker, the attorney pressing the suit responsible for stalling the law.

Measure 58, which unseals the birth certificates of adult adoptees, has withstood each successive legal challenge, but outside industry lobbyists continue to appeal. The cost to the Oregon taxpayer, already in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, continues to escalate as the state is forced to continue defending the law.

Hunsaker is a member of the National Council for Adoption (NCFA), a group of Washington DC lobbyists for the lucrative adoption industry who have successfully stalled the law, passed over a year ago by Oregon voters.

Bill Pierce, NCFA head, has masterminded the court battle and vows to take the Oregon law all the way to the United States Supreme Court in order to protect the financial interests of an industry that has operated for decades under a cloak of secrecy.


There will be a sign painting and strategy meeting:

7pm Tuesday January 4
Northwest Service Center, Community Room
1819 NW Everett
refreshments served

If you are unable to attend, please contact the Oregonian to protest this obstruction of justice in Oregon.

Oregonian; 1320 SW Broadway Portland Or 97201
fax 503 294 4193


For more information about Oregon's Adoptee Rights Initiative, see