*********** OPEN '98 WRITE-A-THON ********

For the rest of August, I, Diana Echo Inch, pledge to do the following:

- Donate $2 for each Bastard National ($4 for each Oregon resident) who sends in a letter (supporting Measure 58, to-the-editor, editorial, etc.) to any of the Oregon papers or influencial groups (Ecumenical Ministries? and ??)

- Donate 50 cents for each ADDITIONAL LETTER submitted

- Donate an additional $3 for any letter printed in the paper
YOU can help Oregon by writing letters and sending them to me at ickygrl5@drizzle.com so that I can keep track. Please remember to include your full names, addresses and phone numbers on all letters sent to media outlets (so that they can contact you in case of publication -- an extra $30 into the kitty if your letter is printed). Also, note the title and date of the piece to which you are responding in your letter and mention any connection you have to Oregon in the body of your

8/16/98 we currently have 5 additional pledgers who are matching (Anita, John, Mari), doubling (Damsel), or *quadrupling* (that's Dave and his student loan check :) ) whatever my donation will be. That means that for first-time Bastard National writers ONE letter can earn Oregon $20!! If
you're an Oregon resident, it will be as if you're putting $40 in the Open '98 coffers -- with only one letter. If anybody else wants to pledge along with us (for more or less $, depending on your ability), we could possibly make each letter written worth even more money.

I will send Helen a check at the start of September. [FYI, This money might be what other folks would call back-to-school (clothes) money but I really HATE shopping so I'd rather support Measure 58 with it. Once school starts I will again be a poor student... but that's okay if we can get
folks to vote YES. David is using his student loan check for the cause. Mari got a new job and is spreading the wealth. Anita, John and Damsel are sharing their hearts of gold.]

C'mon folks, write during commercials or in the bathroom... find a moment and *just do it*! One small step for Oregon can be a giant leap for adoptees everywhere. So, that's my challenge to you. If you don't have the money to donate yourself, get your pens out and start writing. Hope this
makes sense/cents!

If you want to start a similar campaign on another email list (BEST is the only list I'm on), you can help spread the word about Oregon and get people actively involved in changing the world. All it takes is one person willing to take the initiative, make a pledge and a challenge, keep count of the letters, and tally the donations. At the end of the campaign, you can announce the tallies which are then mailed to Oregon [ Open '98, PO Box 353, Nehalem, OR 97131 ]. If you need help getting started or just want a bit of cheekiness to spice up your challenge, email me.

Here are a couple of addresses from previous posts to get you started! It feels great to get involved and, remember, the BN Surgeon General has determined that Activism is Sexy. If possible, pick a random few to also send via regular mail or fax.

* Measure 58 in the News: stories and how to respond

On Sat, 8 Aug 1998, Helen Hill wrote:
> I think all three are best: email, fax, and hard copy snail. All letters
> in support should be mailed to:
> The Oregonian
> 1320 SW Broadway
> Portland, Oregon 97201
> Fax 503 294 4193
> or 503 294 4179
> email
> letters@news.oregonian.com
> oped@news.oregonian.com

> Phone calls are good, too.
> 503 225 5555 category 3348
> Editorial Department 503 221 8150

Birth-record initiative could do much damage August 5, l998
by q h [article deleted]

address to :
Mailbag, Albany Democrat-Herald,
P O Box 130
Albany, OR 97321.

E-mail to:

8/16/98 update
==== SEXY ACTIVISTS ===== (when can we add YOUR name?)

Anita F +
CK H +
Helen H +
Jan D
Joanne N ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
John P +++++
Judy K
Kate B
Lesli L
Mari S
Mary Anne C
Mirah R
Pam Z +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Shea G +
Tina R
15 PERSONS wrote an initial letter x $2 = $30
74 additional letters x 50 cents = $37
$30 + $37 = $67 ($67 is the base donation so far...)

And SIX people (Sorry, Anita, I forgot you in an earlier post) have a
combined matching pledge equal to 9 TIMES my base donation... so our
seven-day total for letters and pledges would be around $670!

And there are still two weeks of August left...

Got records? Max does.


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