Alfred was complaining that some kids in his class were using cow imagery in their moon poems at school. We decided to read some poems from Moon Whales by Ted Hughes and the boys made up some moon poems of their own. Here they are!

Poem One

The cheese is made of the moon
and the moon is made of the cheese
and the things that I don't know
are eating up all of the bees.

Bees are yellow and so is cheese
Cheese is yellow and so is the moon
and the big beanie baby of blood says
Boo hoo because he's a very big drip.


Dog on the Moon

The dog on the moon who has a very big snout
sometimes makes very brown stuff
like chocolate and wood.

His favorite snack is stuff like bones
but also he looooves very delicious moon rocks
but his especially favorite treat for special occasions is
bone cake! Bone cake tastes very good for dogs but tastes
very very very very VERY bad for people.

It tastes like frosting like with BONES.
It does not taste like ice cream and chocolate sauce with
a cherry on top. It does not taste like my mom hugging me.

The dog on the moon's favorite dessert is carrot cake with green frosting.
with pink frosting. with brown frosting.
and with a bone on top.

The Moon Milk

The moon milk has a very bad stench
which follows you everywhere you go
no matter how you try to get it off
it will stay and never go.
But the only thing that moon milk fears
more than sweaty shorts, more than bees
more than being trampled by a dancing cow,
is.. CHEESE!

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December 10, 2002