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International Soundex Reunion Registry seal - for adoptees and those seeking birthfamilyAdoptees and Those Searching for Lost Relatives!

To Get the International Soundex Reunion Registry Form

Send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope!

It's easy, it's helpful, it gets the job done! All you do to start your adoption search is to write your own name and address on an envelope, add a stamp that will get it from the ISRR to your mailbox, and put it in another envelope addressed to the ISRR with a note requesting a registration form. You will receive a registration form in the mail with instructions on how to fill it out. Complete the form with as much information as you can and return it to the ISRR. That's all it takes to get registered with the world's largest reunion registry!

When you Send a Voluntary Contribution

When you send a voluntary tax-deductible contribution with your registration form you will receive a receipt which will assure you that your registration was received at ISRR. You will also be able to feel virtuous in knowing that you are helping the ISRR to provide free reunions today and into the future. There is no need to send a voluntary contribution however, as all registrations will be filed.

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