Cornelius Feistmeister, notorious armadillo-napper and Gameboy Genius Extraordinaire is at it again.  This time he is scheduled to meet with his partner, Gatina LeChat to arrange the importation of endangered animals into Mexico. You and your Geospy teammates should follow the clues below to try and reveal his whereabouts.  Inform Agent Wallace when you think you have it.




  • Cornelius and Gatina plan to visit a city in the province of Manitoba.
  • The animals they plan to import have been pestering locals by raiding area dumpsters for food.
  • The city is located on a bay named after a famous English explorer.
  • One of our agents informs us that Cornelius has not reset his watch since his stay in Mexico City.
  • Last, but not least, here are the coordinates: Lat: 58.75 Lon: -94.07



Where are Cornelius and Gatina?  _________________________________________


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