Geography & World Culture Study Group

Lessons - April 2004

Europe II

Monday, 4/5/04
Passover and Russian Easter
Dixie Science Room (B5)

Learn some Russian and Hebrew as we continue our exploration of spring festivals. Decorate eggs in two Russian styles and create a Passover seder plate.

Thursday, 4/8/04
Dixie Computer Lab (E2)

Passover Links:

The Passover Story - A story of freedom from slavery. Moses, Egypt, the plagues.
Virtual Seder Plate - Learn about the items on a traditional Passover seder (meal) plate 
Replace the Pickle Game - Test your knowledge of the Passover story and tradition by replacing the pickle!

Russian & Ukrainian Easter Links:

Russian Easter Observance - Traditional Russian customs and foods associated with the Easter season.
Ukrainian Pysanky Easter Eggs - Includes a video demo! - Also see the fine-art quality Pysanky Gallery
Russian Easter eggs - Fancy and Faberge (also Faberge Easter Eggs - Learn about and enjoy these beautiful examples of Russian high art.)

Monday, 4/12 & Thursday 4/15/04
Spring Break - No Class

Monday, 4/19/04
Dixie Science Room (B5)

Geography and Languages of Europe

Thursday, 4/29/04
Dixie Computer Lab (E2)

Interactive Map of Europe - Mouse over the provinces to learn their location and capital city. Try to memorize the location of at least 5 countries and at least 3 capitals.

Geospy Game
Sign in and do the Europe Game (countries - Europe). We are aiming for 3rd graders - at least 7 correct, 4th & 5th graders - at least 10 correct.

Monday, 4/26/04
Dixie Science Room (B5)


Thursday, 4/29/04
Dixie Computer Lab (E2)


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