Study for Unit quiz. Be able to locate on a map: the 7 continents, 4 oceans, the Prime Meridian, International Date Line, Equator, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Mississsippi River, at least 8 countries in North America, at least 4 country capitals (with official language), at least 4 Canadian provinces. Be able to identify the 3 most populous countries in the world, the 4 most spoken languages in the world, plus extra credit questions on latitude, longitude and currency. Print out maps here.

The World

See and/or print out Lesson 1.

North America

Students are expected to identify at least 10 countries on a map and to name 4 capitals and official languages. Monetary unit is optional for extra credit.

Official Language/s
Monetary Unit


Belmopan Spanish  
Canada Ottawa English, French Canadian dollar
Costa Rica San Jose Spanish  
Cuba Havana Spanish  
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Spanish  
El Salvador San Salvador Spanish  
Guatemala Guatemala Spanish  
Haiti Port-au-Prince French  
Honduras Tegucigalpa Spanish  
Jamaica Kingston English  
Mexico Mexico City Spanish  
Nicaragua Managua Spanish  
Panama Panama City Spanish  
United States of America Washington, D.C. English dollar