C.R. Boxer



C.R. Boxer

A collection of articles, resources and reminiscences
on my grandfather, C.R. Boxer

"I like action - moral courage is much less common than intelligence."

Biography and memorials * Charles Boxer Fellowships Fund
Portuguese & Brazilian Studies, King's College, London

Charles Boxer: Magisterial historian of Portugal and its dark imperial past
by Antonio de Figueirea, Tuesday May 16, 2000 The Guardian

Heroic Scholarship: Charles Boxer, A Unique Life
Reischauer Institute of Japanes Studies, Harvard University
Spring 2002

Charles Boxer, 96, Amorous Spy
by Douglas Martin
May 8, 2000

Imperial (Re) Visions: Brazil and the Portuguese Seaborne Empire (4 articles on Boxer)
Council on Latin American and Iberian Studies, Yale Center of International and Area Studies
November 1 – 3, 2002

The Tragic History of the Sea * Women in Iberian Expansion Overseas

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