From Gammy, with Love

Stories and Pictures from my Mom to Me, to her Grandsons, and to her Students

Frankie the Orange Cat

The Story of Frankie: A lovable orange cat shows up at Auntie Sofie's in Seattle. It's raining outside! How can we help Frankie?

The Princess and the Beautiful Sound

The Moody Princess: A cranky princess wakes up to a rainy day. What gets her out of her funk and what does she get up to? (an activity for 1st grade students)

Gallery: A collection of my mother's art work.


Piazza di Spagna, Rome, enamel cloisonee

Marjan the Lion

Marjan from Kabul: Marjan the Lion lives in the Kabul zoo in Afghanistan. He wishes the war would end already so that he can enjoy the flowers.

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