Map of Sicily
Al's father was from Linguaglossa in Sicily, a town at the NE foot of Mount Etna.

Map of Catania and outskirts, including Mount Etna, Linguaglossa, and S. Alfio Detailed Map of Sicily
Antique maps of Sicily

The Sicilian Language:
Language or Dialect?
Sicilian Language & Proverbs

Timeline of Sicilian History
Jews in Sicily
Arabs in Sicily
Federico Secondo: Norman Sicilian and founder of the University of Naples * Tribute site:

Info. on conducting Genealogical Research in Sicily


Al's mother was from Cerisano, Calabria, a town just west of Cosenza.

Map of Calabria
Antique map and History

Photos of Cerisano

History of Calabria
Greeks in Calabria
Albanians in Southern Italy
Steps in Cerisano, Calabria

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