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Sin was the beloved poodle of our parents. They thought he was the reincarnation of some Renaissance holy person. There are many paintings and photographs of him. Sin was our dog when we were small children. He died a tragic, violent death one morning while chasing a female poodle.

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Mimi Lady Cin Louise
A Spitz in the Family! Al really liked purebred dogs, and after the tragic poodles Sin, Coco and Leo, he was about ready for a new breed. Cin-cin (an Italian toast, like "Salut!") was one frisky, leg-humping lady. We got her in about 1972 and she lived with us in Jackson Heights, Rome, Italy and then moved down to Fort Myers, Florida with Dad until she died at a ripe old age. I'll never forget in Rome how she wolfed a steak off the counter and the whole family wept.

Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy was a psycho-kitty who lived with Dad in Fort Myers, FL. PB liked to stalk people and viciously bite their legs with little warning.

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